ISTQB Foundation Level

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ISTQB Foundation Level

Why Foundation?
The Foundation Level qualification is aimed at professionals who need to demonstrate practical knowledge of the fundamental concepts of software testing. This includes people in roles such as test designers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers and IT Professionals.
The Foundation Level qualification is also appropriate for anyone who needs a basic understanding of software testing, such as project managers, quality managers, software development managers, business analysts, IT directors and management consultants.

What are the entry criteria?
It is suggested that candidates for the Foundation Level certification have at least six months’ practical experience in a professional testing role.

Which levels are available after Foundation?
Holders of the Foundation certificate are eligible to continue on to higher level software testing qualifications, certifying themselves at Advanced level, and then at the Expert level.

Which is the Best Book for ISTQB Foundation Level Certification?
“Foundations Of Software Testing ISTQB Certification”
By -
Dorothy Graham
Erik van Veenendaal
Isabel Evans
Rex Black
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General Guidelines for Preparing ISTQB Exam

  • 40 Questions
  • 65% pass mark
  • 75 minutes
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Only one correct answer
  • No negative marking
  • All questions from syllabus
  • Read the syllabus very carefully
  • Download ISTQB Sample Papers and solve them (28 free sample papers given below)
  • You can also buy some premium ISTQB Foundation Level Exam dumps 2014 from me by paying only 30 USD (see instruction at the end of this post).

Question breakup

  • 50% K1 (remember, recall type)
  • 30% K2 (Compare, contrast type)
  • 20% K3 (Analyze, apply type. Numerical type as well)
  • See syllabus for details on K levels

Syllabus Breakup for ISTQB Preparation Material
The principles of testing: Terminology; why testing is necessary; fundamental test process; psychology of testing; re-testing and regression testing; expected results; prioritization.
Testing throughout the life-cycle: Models for testing; economics of testing; high level test planning; acceptance testing; integration testing in the large; functional and non-functional system testing; integration testing in the small; component testing; maintenance testing.
Static testing: Reviews and the test process; types of review; static analysis.
Test design techniques: Dynamic testing techniques, Black and white-box testing techniques; error guessing, BVA etc.
Test management: Organization; configuration management; test estimation, monitoring and control; incident management; standards for testing.
Tool support for testing: Types of CAST tool (Computer-Aided Software Testing); tool selection and implementation.

Tips and Tricks
- ISTQB Questions are simple but answers are confusing at times. More than one correct answers possible. Choose the one which is more correct or correct in more scenarios.
- Read the questions very carefully. Sometimes you might miss important words. Solve ISTQB Sample Papers frequently.
- Do not jump to answer quickly. Go through all options before selecting one.
- Look out for words like ALL, EVERY, NEVER etc. These might help you choose correct answer. For example, ALL bugs should be fixed is incorrect statement but bugs should be fixed is more correct and might indicate right choice.
- Read the complete ISTQB syllabus.
- Download all 28 ISTQB Foundation level dumps with answers 2013 pdf ISTQB Sample Papers (2500 ISTQB Sample Questions and answers from this site ( Given at the bottom of the page)
- Join this Google Group. Click Here
- Give ISTQB Mock Test Exam and try to attempt old 2013 exam questions.
- Check ISTQB exam dates for your country and prepare in advance.
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Number of Questions Expected from each chapter
- The principles of testing = 7
- Testing throughout the life-cycle = 6
- Static testing = 3
- Test design techniques = 12
- Test management = 8
- Tool support for testing = 4

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