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Free software testing magazine – Testing Circus has recently published its 50th edition in November 2014. Testing Circus was first published in September 2010. Since then the team has published regular monthly editions in pdf format. The Testing Circus site also has large collection of software testing articles written by software testing professionals across the world. Some of the recommended features are – interview with software testers, fake tester’s diary, testers to follow in twitter and security testing tips. Many prominent testers have been interviewed by Testing Circus in the past including top testers like James Bach, Michael Bolton and Paul Holland etc.

Many Indian testers have also contributed to this software testing magazine. Pradeep Soundararajan, Parimala Hariprasad, Santhosh Tuppad, Ajay Balamurugadas, Vipul Kocher have written for Testing Circus magazine.

Testing Circus is subscribed my over ten thousand testers world wide. It is one of the popular software testing magazine among context driven testing community. Testing Circus also partners with many software testing conferences and acts as a media and publishing channel for the conferences. It also supports other software testing magazines such as Testing Trapeze and Women Testers magazine. Testing Trapeze is a bi-monthly software testing magazine from Australia and New Zealand whereas Women Testers is a quarterly magazine published exclusively by a team of women testers around the world.

Testing Circus magazine is available free of cost by subscribing from the main website. Feel free to subscribe this awesome software testing magazine’s pdf copy which is delivered every month in your inbox.

If you are a tester and if you wish to write for the magazine you can see the article submission guides here. Testing Circus is published by a team of passionate software testers from India. If you are interested to become a volunteer, send them a mail and you may end up being in the team from the next edition. Good luck.

Update: Testing Circus celebrated 5th anniversary in September 2015. That’s 60 editions in 5 years.

Ajoy Kumar Singha
Ajoy Kumar Singha, a Test Manager in a New York based multinational IT services company with 15 years of experience in IT and above 13 years of experience in Software Testing. He is the editor of Software Testing magazine, Testing Circus which is read and subscribed by thousands of professional testers all around the world. He is associated with various testing forums such as NCR Testers Monthly Meet and has attended numerous testing related conferences. Ajoy is the founder of Talent Plus Plus Institute in Gurgaon. Ajoy Kumar Singha can be followed in Google+ profile.

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