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We are a team of fully qualified working professionals working in multinational companies in India and abroad. Since 2009 we have been training people in the field of Software Testing. Our trainers are working professionals who train individuals on weekends. With working experience our trainers can train and coach how actually Software Testing happens in the real world.

At our training programs, we try to deliver a fantastic standard and we are constantly trying to improve the standard of our training. We believe that training should be well planned, well prepared, fit for purpose and delivered by trainers who are experts in their subjects.

Our course material is not text book or definition based. The course content has been developed by Ajoy Singha himself who is regarded as one of the well known faces of Indian Software Testing domain. Our mentor Ajoy Singha is the founder and editor-in-chief of Testing Circus – a monthly software testing magazine circulated and read by thousands of software testers in India and the World. The course material is constantly updated to make it more competitive to current market best practices in software testing.

Our study centers are abode of learning. Even though we do not have glossy wall pictures and air conditioned rooms, we commit to provide a training program which is well fruitful for the students. Our motto is not to earn but to create more and more number of skilled software testers. Our placement record and successful students speak about our professional commitment.

The vision of the Institute is to become one of the preferred skills training institute and create a workforce which is knowledgeable, skilled and passionate in software testing. Avoid joining institutes with fake promise of job guarantee and the teachers who teach testing but do not have a testing job for themselves.

Our Software Testing Training has been designed & developed based on years of real-world hands-on experience. Our trainers are skilled professionals who have worked software testing area in leading MNCs. Good training happens when the trainees are committed and the trainer is passionate about the subject. Great training happens when the learners are stimulated and challenged to go beyond your current frame of thinking and create a new reality about the subject. The difference between definition based training and real world process based training is the trainers who have been professional testers with years of experience in various projects.

The study materials are updated on an on-going basis and have been prepared after an intensive research and study so that it can be easily grasped by the students of all levels. Our training reflects the latest technologies, techniques, and processes that are developed from practical experience gathered from our association and participation with other world renowned test professionals and mentors.

Currently we have 3 courses to offer in our Gurgaon Learning Center
1. Software Testing (Manual Testing + Basics of Automation Testing)
2. Advanced QTP Automation Testing
3. Selenium Automation Testing

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