TalentEd™ – Advanced Software Testing Course in Gurgaon

TalentEd™ – Advanced Software Testing Course in Gurgaon.

Introducing TalentEd™. We are designing a 6 months advanced software testing course aimed at final year engineering graduates. This will be taught by our talented and experienced faculties at Talent Plus Plus, Gurgaon. The course will consists of advanced level concepts in software testing. The aim is to impart complete curriculum for fresh out of college graduates to prepare them for their first corporate IT jobs. The following subjects are proposed to be included in the course –

  1. Software testing basics and advanced concepts
  2. One programming language
  3. One automation testing tool
  4. Database concepts
  5. Windows/Linux utilities
  6. Live projects
  7. Personality development/Language refining
  8. Interview practices/Mock interviews
  9. Other IT tools/utilities
  10. Brand building as a professional tester/certification

Who should attend this course?
The course is mainly aimed at –

  • Final year college graduates who are readying themselves for the first campus interviews
  • Non-engineering graduates who wants to enter IT
  • Professionals with a career gap and switch to software testing
  • Entry level testers who are looking forward to enhance their skills and looking for a promotion or job change

The course materials are being designed and we expect to launch the program in the 1st quarter of 2018. We would like to call this course – TalentEd™. Because we are sure that once someone completes this 6 months project based course for final year engineering students, they will be ready for the job in their first workplace. We will equip them and make them ready to become productive from the day one. They will be already TalentEd™.

Sounds exciting? We will come up with more information soon.

Meanwhile if you are final year engineering student, and looking forward to learn the practical knowledge and skills from our experienced working professionals, then follow this website by subscribing the updates. We will shortly post more details about this advanced software testing course program in Gurgaon.

Talk to us at 9911449111 for our advanced software testing training in Gurgaon.

Ajoy Kumar Singha
Ajoy Kumar Singha, a Test Manager in a New York based multinational IT services company with 15 years of experience in IT and above 13 years of experience in Software Testing. He is the editor of Software Testing magazine, Testing Circus which is read and subscribed by thousands of professional testers all around the world. He is associated with various testing forums such as NCR Testers Monthly Meet and has attended numerous testing related conferences. Ajoy is the founder of Talent Plus Plus Institute in Gurgaon. Ajoy Kumar Singha can be followed in Google+ profile.

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